Successful nature and species conservation is based on long-term and ongoing commitment. 

It is often a comparatively small number of people in key positions who make real progress; that can really change the situation in the field for elephants and their habitat. These people may be project managers, patrol commanders, scientists, civil servants or even politicians. Whatever background they have, what they all have in common is their ability to power through difficulties and to stay motivated over many years, eventually achieving great things for nature. It cannot work without these people!

In this context, we find it particularly important that young people from Indonesia are given the opportunity to help protect Sumatran elephants in their own country. Of course, elephant conservationists do not just fall from the sky! One can and must learn how to protect endangered species (for more information click here), but for many young Indonesians getting started is very difficult. There is often a lack of contacts and, mostly, there is a lack of money that is required to join internships or conduct field work. These are both extremely important in gaining professional experience and starting your own first project, which is exactly where we come in!

A Sumatran elephant is equipped with a GPS transmitter

Little money - big impact!
In fact, often only comparatively small sums (from an industrial country perspective) are required to start into the world of elephant and nature conservation. In most cases, even sums ranging from 500-1000 Euro are sufficient to carry out field research for several months or to complete a three-month internship with a patrol unit.  

From our own experience we can confirm that the initial phase of orientation is particularly important for the subsequent professional career. With our SECI SMALL GRANTS program, young Indonesian elephant conservationists get a real chance, and so do the elephants!

Because only if enough people in the country, i.e. the Indonesians themselves, work for the conservation of nature and to protect elephants will real success be achieved in the long term. With your donation you can help us and help the local people!

A group of around 30 Sumatran elephants move through a field of rubber trees

Unbureaucratic and transparent

How the SECI SMALL GRANT program works

A real "funding gap".

With our SECI SMALL GRANT program we support young Indonesian elephant conservationists in the first phase of their professional careers.

There are many grants and project funds, but very few offer the support required for the important transition between training and a professional life, especially regarding species protection. Which is where we come in.

In principle, all young people from Indonesia can apply for a SECI SMALL GRANT, even those who have a lot of motivation and great ideas, but hardly any formal training.  


However, most grantees are students of biology or forestry who are interested in internships or field research on elephants and elephant habitat protection. We work closely with the Wildlife Conservation Center of Gadjah Mada University; for many it is the best address in Indonesia when it comes to training future conservationists!  

We support bachelor theses, practical activities, and smaller projects - in short, everything that can lay the foundation for a career in elephant conservation.

In addition, we help grantees gain contacts to established field projects, and can aid in research topics and possible working fields.

Applications are open all year round, and the funding period is unlimited in time. However, most projects are limited to three to six months.

After a successful application and the signing of a simple grant agreement, the sum required for the funding goal (usually between 500 and 1000 Euro) is transferred directly to the grantee. If necessary, we also give the grantee a helping hand with planning and project design, because every beginning is difficult.

After completing the project or research, we receive a detailed report and review the expenditures. If desired, we will continue to advise the grantee even after the SMALL GRANT has been completed, in order to give him or her the best possible support in the next steps (e.g. job application, application for further funding or project design)!

If you are interested in supporting our SMALL GRANTS program please visit our donation page. Even small sums help, and every euro is well invested - namely in the future of the Indonesian conservationists and thus in the future of the Sumatran elephant!

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