Wildlife Conservation Centre

Sumatran elephants are critically endangered. Effective protection projects are necessary to preserve the few remaining populations and their habitat.

There is no doubt about that, but who is putting these projects into practice?

The people who work in the projects in Sumatra, often under difficult conditions, are as important as the project work itself.

The Wildlife Conservation Center at Gadjah Mada University trains these people and prepares them as best as possible for future challenges. Indonesian students learn all the fundamental basics here and receive a solid foundation on which they can build their careers in nature conservation and species protection.

Two adult Sumatran elephant cows stand in bushland

"If people are the problem, people can also be the solution "

Most nature conservation problems are man-made. It is people who cut down the rainforest, create oil palm plantations, and operate mines. And it is people who drive the elephants out of their habitat, poison them, injure them with snares, or kill them because of their ivory. 

Many problems have complex backgrounds, and it takes a lot of time and energy to solve them. Not an easy task for sure. What is certain, however, is that nothing will change if nothing is done. It is also certain that action requires people to implement the urgently needed conservation projects.

The Wildlife Conservation Center is a small but fine "forge" that produces such people. Embedded in the Department for Wildlife Research and Wildlife Management of the Forest Faculty at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, it is the number one institute for many to get the right skillset for species protection and nature conservation.

Three Indonesian students learn about nature and species protection in the Wildlife Conservation Centre
A group of Indonesian students on a course at the Wildlife Conservation Centre

Students can attend courses and seminars here, receive advice and active support in developing their own ideas and projects, and find a retreat where they can discuss and learn with like-minded people.

The Wildlife Conservation Centre is more than just a place or a program; it presents an idea. A dream of a future in which Indonesia’s people will live in harmony with nature and its globally important ecosystems. The motto borne by the students is: All Good Things Are Wild And Free!

The Wildlife Conservation Centre logo shows a tree with a tiger, elephant and orangutan

For the Wildlife Conservation Centre to function effectively and remain attractive to the students, it needs financial support. With your donation you will help to enable prospective nature conservationists in Indonesia to receive a sound education.

It is these people who will secure a future for Indonesia's environment and thus a future for our beloved Sumatran elephants !

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